Palm Beach Tan-1 Versa Spa Plus Sunless Tanning (#2)

This auction is for 1 Free Versa Spa Plus Sunless Tanning Treatment at Palm Beach Tan. The coupon must be redeemed at the Lewisville, Tx location. But, once redeemed, you can go to any Palm Beach Tan to do the treatment.

A $30 Value.

MagicTan™ introduces VersaSpa™ the world’s first ever automatic treatment spa that integrates an unbeatable combination of versatile features and top quality skin treatment solutions. With an open design there is no lingering mist and as a customer you can feel relaxed during your experience. The built in blow dryer also leaves you feeling dry after every treatment. For more information, stop by your local salon or visit www.versaspasystem.com.


Anonymous said...

Dana Kilburn
bid $10